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Great Cinematography Tutorials

These have been around for a while but I thought they were certainly worth reposting. This collection of cinematography tutorials, created by Tom Antos, outlines some easy to follow techniques and valuable tips to help any interested beginner make their visuals … Continue reading

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Oscar Loaded ‘Skyfall’ In Full Swing

Come early November, James Bond will be back in the newest installment of the 007 Franchise, Skyfall (2012) . The film will again be led by Daniel Craig who turned in a convincingly debonair showing as the MI-6 Agent in the wonderful Casino Royale (2006), … Continue reading

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‘Act of Valor’: Shooting a Feature with DSLRs

By now everyone has heard the buzz surrounding the upcoming release of Act of Valor (2012). Directed by Mike “Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh (AKA the Bandito Brothers), and photographed by Shane Hurlbut, Act of Valor employs a visceral, “video game” style of filmmaking, utilizing … Continue reading

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Watch These Excellent Parody Trailers

The age-old adage goes something like, “You have to know the rules before you can break them.” In filmmaking, this principle is more than relevant. Perhaps, an important first step in the learning process of screenwriting, cinematography, directing actors, or any … Continue reading

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Nothing Is Safe

It seems these days that nothing is off-limits from the Hollywood ‘Repeat Machine’. Constant production of new content such as feature films, television shows, reality TV, commercials, and even webisodes, well, really are not all that new anymore. According to Kirby, … Continue reading

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