Mann’s Next Directorial Outing?

Michael Mann, the master of crime stories. It feels good to see his name floating around once again since he has essentially been out of the feature film director’s chair since the 2009 release of his John Dillinger saga, Public EnemiesAlthough, it would not be unusual to expect a few years hiatus between Mann’s films. With his current HBO series, Luck, getting favorable reviews, and already slated for a second season, it is refreshing to finally speculate what his next movie might be.

Here is a little roundup of the possibilities:

GO LIKE HELL – The Download: The story of Henry Ford teaming with Lee Iacocca, and Carroll Shelby to reinvent Ford Motors and inevitably be the first American winners of the 24 Hours of Le MansThe Good: Brad Pitt could potentially lead this 1960/70s era flick featuring some badass race sequences. The Bad: The status is unknown at this point, and there may not even be a screenplay penned yet. This one might be a ways off still.

THE BIG STONE GRID – The Download: A crime thriller centered around two cops who discover a crime circuit in New York, NY. The Good: We all know that Mann can do wonders with crime based movies, i.e. Miami Vice (1984)Heat (1995), and Collateral (2004)The Bad: It’s said that Mann will do his own pass on the S. Craig Zahler script and, perhaps, move the story to Los Angeles. That is all fine and good, but it would be a pleasant change to see Mann challenge himself with a new backdrop.

AGINCOURT – The Download: A medieval tale of an archer in the famous battle of King Henry V of England  versus the French. The Good: Based on the New York Times bestseller, this has the potential of becoming an epic. It would also be a pleasant turn to see Mann again at the helm of a period piece. *coughThe Last of the Mohicanscough* The Bad: Uh… With this project already wielding a script, and likely the most immanent, what is there not to like?

Other possibilities include the gangster biopic Big Tuna, a story about prospectors Hunting Paul Haggis’ Gold, and an unknown project called Death of a Dissident

Let’s wait and see.

About Robert Nyerges

Robert Nyerges is a filmmaker currently working in the Los Angeles, CA.
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