Life as a Set PA – Part 2.5

For this edition I am going to let an outside article from Indiewire do all the talking. The post, which is an excerpt from author Barbara Freedman Doyle’s book Make Your Movie: What You Need to Know About the Business and Politics of Filmmaking, presents an enlightening outline of starting from the bottom.

Something I have learned in my experience is that if a superior asks you to do something, no matter how unfulfilling it may seem, just know that they would not ask you to do it if they had not been asked to do it when they were in your shoes. Except for a select few, everyone starts at the bottom, so however absurd a task might seem, smile and do it to the best of your ability. When you work hard, people will take notice.

Check out the article: The Six Things You Must Know to Make it in the Film Industry.


About Robert Nyerges

Robert Nyerges is a filmmaker currently working in the Los Angeles, CA.
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