Movie Trailer Roundup

It would be hard to miss the countless trailers for this summer’s biggest blockbuster contenders; The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall, and of course, the testosterone-fueled The Expendables 2. With these movies constantly dominating the silver screens, as well as the television screens, it would be easy to miss some of the other movies that are just starting to poke their heads up.

So, check out the first trailers for Liam Neeson’s much-anticipated return to ass-kicking, in Taken 2, (no, Unknown (2011) did not count) and the remake of a 1995 Sylvester Stallone Sci-Fi flick, Dredd. Oh, and just in case you skipped over them, take a look at the latest trailers for The Bourne Legacy, and Paul Thomas Anderson’s next film The Master.


Happy summer movie-going!


About Robert Nyerges

Robert Nyerges is a filmmaker currently working in the Los Angeles, CA.
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One Response to Movie Trailer Roundup

  1. Alex says:

    Way to go Robert!

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