Live Action Halo Web-Series – Primed for Feature?

I have never really been a fan of the Halo video game series. What’s not to like – it features an interesting premise, gnarly sci-fi aliens, and super-badass future soldiers? I’m not sure. Something just always rubbed me the wrong way. The Halo universe finally caught my attention, though, when news began surfacing a few years ago about a potential feature film adaptation. It was even rumored that Steven Spielberg read the screenplay and absolutely loved it. Sadly, so far nothing has seem to come of our silver screen version. However, that all changed recently. Kind of…

A few weeks ago, Microsoft, the creators of Halo, released a five-part web-series entitled Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn that portray the events leading up to their forthcoming video game Halo 4, due for release tomorrow, November 6, 2012.

Forward Unto Dawn, which Microsoft funded itself, is certainly cinematic and could easily be the first step in Microsoft’s rekindling of the fire to transform Halo into a feature blockbuster. From this behind the scenes video, it sure seems the series was quite the undertaking. The five videos feature some surprisingly good acting coupled with action, fantastic production design, and great visual effects. The filmmakers did an excellent job of grounding this futuristic environment in today’s reality.

Check it out:

Interested in seeing the likes of Halo on the big screen?

About Robert Nyerges

Robert Nyerges is a filmmaker currently working in the Los Angeles, CA.
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