Viral Marketing Campaigns on the Rise

Trask Ind.

Viral marketing might not necessarily be a new concept, but over the last few months there has certainly been an increasing number of upcoming feature films resorting to tie-in videos to promote their release.

I first noticed the trend back in mid May when a publicity scheme entitled Crisis Zero popped up on the internet documenting an outbreak that may have been discovered all across the globe. What a great idea, right? Is it real?  It gets people talking. Unfortunately though, the video was too little, too late. The trailers for the actual movie, World War Z (2013), had been out for a while. Maybe if they started with the viral campaign earlier, it could have had a stronger impact. A decent model for the future, anyway.


Having had my interest peaked though, I started paying closer attention and quickly realized that  there were a number of other viral marketing strategies across the inter-webs. I’ve listed three of the most prominent uses below:

RoboCop (2014)

Though, some feel that tampering with Paul Verhoeven‘s original vision may be abhorrent, I say that anything with Gary Oldman in it should be considered a win. By now, everyone should know my affinity for Gary Oldman… Regardless, the upcoming remake of the 1987 classic also sought an avenue in viral promotion, and recently they debuted a video outlining the future defense technologies that OmniCorp has been developing to keep the dystopian, crime-ridden city of Detroit safe. I will refrain from making any bankruptcy jokes.


X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Director Bryan Singer, and the rest of the folks over at Marvel Comics, thought it might be a good idea to release a video promoting the achievements of a fictional company called Trask Industries, in a very similar fashion to RoboCop. Trask Industries will, no doubt, play significant role in next year’s film. Check out the Trask Industries website for more.


Godzilla (2014)

Yet another addition in the long line of Hollywood’s recycling program, Godzilla has been  attempting to make waves across the internet. Literally. Their release of multiple mysterious encounters throughout the South Pacific were all working together to build anticipation for their panel at Comic-Con, back in July. For more info, check out


Is viral marketing bringing us all one step closer to an impending movement towards streaming-based entertainment, or rather, what Steven Spielberg predicts as an implosion of the film industry?

About Robert Nyerges

Robert Nyerges is a filmmaker currently working in the Los Angeles, CA.
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