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Bond is Back in Skyfall

For months we have seen glimpses and peeks of what 007 will be up to in his upcoming film, but now there are finally two full theatrical trailers for the twenty-third James Bond film, entitled Skyfall. These more in-depth previews of … Continue reading

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Physics Matter In Movies

Today, in the twenty-first century, movies are constantly dominated by the crutch of computer generated imaging for special effects. Perhaps, CGI is the product of filmmakers attempting to dream bigger or, perhaps, it spawns from an attempt to squeeze the … Continue reading

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Cinematic Music

Check out the latest music video for Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s song, No Church in the Wild, from their current collaborative album, Watch the Throne. I thought this video would be worth posting because of its fantastic production value, and honestly, it’s one of the best … Continue reading

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Truth to The Riddler Rumors

As most of the film world is already aware, the viscous villain in Christopher Nolan‘s third and final Batman installment will be the brutal Bane, played by Tom Hardy. However, not everyone will recall the swirling number of rumors that were … Continue reading

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Trailer Dichotomy

The Teaser Movie trailers are some of the most powerful and influential forms of today’s popular mass media. Often times, a flashy, well-made movie trailer can spark excitement and anticipation for a film that actually ends up being rather forgettable. … Continue reading

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2012: The Year of the Cinema

Some years are certainly better than others when it comes to box office results. A lot of times, movies that get hyped up actually become rather forgettable. However, it seems that this year, 2012, will fall on the more favorable end … Continue reading

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Life as a Set PA – Part 2.5

For this edition I am going to let an outside article from Indiewire do all the talking. The post, which is an excerpt from author Barbara Freedman Doyle’s book Make Your Movie: What You Need to Know About the Business and Politics … Continue reading

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