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Viral Marketing Campaigns on the Rise

Viral marketing might not necessarily be a new concept, but over the last few months there has certainly been an increasing number of upcoming feature films resorting to tie-in videos to promote their release. I first noticed the trend back … Continue reading

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Your Breaking Bad Fix During The Hiatus

Last night’s opening scene of Breaking Bad, Episode 5.7 Say My Name, was just a riveting reminder of why this show is a king on network television. You’re goddamn right. Unfortunately, next Sunday marks the last episode before an extended hiatus, after which AMC will … Continue reading

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What Have We Really Learned From The Dark Knight Rises Trailers?

The good news is that July of 2012 has finally arrived and the widely anticipated release of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is only mere days away. The bad news is that this third and final film will bring a prosperous seven-year … Continue reading

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Trailer Dichotomy

The Teaser Movie trailers are some of the most powerful and influential forms of today’s popular mass media. Often times, a flashy, well-made movie trailer can spark excitement and anticipation for a film that actually ends up being rather forgettable. … Continue reading

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Help Make DIGITAL BOLEX a Reality

Just announced yesterday, at South by Southwest, was another glimpse at the future of digital cinema. For the past year, the folks over at have been working on constructing a prototype for a Bolex digital movie camera. Why is this good? The Digital Bolex D16 would … Continue reading

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Nothing Is Safe

It seems these days that nothing is off-limits from the Hollywood ‘Repeat Machine’. Constant production of new content such as feature films, television shows, reality TV, commercials, and even webisodes, well, really are not all that new anymore. According to Kirby, … Continue reading

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Some Cool Viral Marketing

I recently came across two videos that were a part of separate but rather unique viral campaigns. The first here is a not so run-of-the-mill commercial for Woolite Laundry Detergent, and it was directed by the hard-rocking, horror guru Rob … Continue reading

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