I’ve always been curious about what websites other websites follow to get their updates and news. To clear up some of that mystery, here are a few sites that I check out on a regular basis:

NoFilmSchool: A great resource for young filmmakers looking for helpful tips, accounts of real world experience, and the latest in upcoming technologies.

cinema5D: In the wake of the DSLR Cinema movement, this is one of the best places to find what’s new and hot in the consumer/prosumer/professional video market. Also, be sure to check out their VideoLog to see recent music videos, commercials, and short films created by other independent filmmakers.

The Black and Blue: Hands down, this is the best web resource for insightful anecdotes and helpful pointers to budding cinematographers, camera assistants, camera operators, or anyone else who is curious to know what life is like on the set.

— In fact, here’s a direct link to Evan Luzi’s 100 Great Resources for Cinematographers, Camera Assistants, and Film Professionals

— But wait, there’s more! 100 MORE Resources for Cinematographers, Camera Assistants, and Filmmakers

Canon Rumors: The place to go for the latest news and updates about what’s to come next from Canon Cameras. Great for DSLR filmmakers and photographers alike. An excellent forum to share and learn about how to troubleshoot specific issues for the next peculiar challenge on the set.

CheesyCam: This website offers tons of reviews and updates for “DIY Video and Photography Projects” for those independents looking to create their film at low to no-budget.

Hollywood Entertainment Breaking News: Up to date news and breaking stories revolving around Hollywood and the movie industry.

Box Office Mojo: The best place to peak at the monetary value of how well box-office movies are doing. A great tool to share experiences and advice for those who use either the RED ONE or RED EPIC.

The Director’s Chair: A free online magazine that provides enlightening accounts and stories from professional directors.

The Internet Movie Database: This seems like an obvious one but be sure to dig deeper to find out anything and everything there is to know about beloved movies, including budget information, what camera it was filmed on, trivia, shooting locations, and much more.

Happy Web-Surfing

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