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[My] Top Five Sundance 2012 Trailers

Park City, Utah is surely a bustling place right now as the 2012 Sundance Film Festival is in full swing. Unfortunately, I won’t be in attendance this year, as an audience member or as a competitor, however, I recently took the time … Continue reading

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Dynamic Range (No, This Is Not About A Camera)

The greatest actor of all time. Is there such a thing? What does it take to be the best? Many would consider the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, or Cary Grant amongst the greatest actors of all time. More recently, names … Continue reading

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The Treatment

Two Disney classics get the ‘Summer 2012 Blockbuster’ treatment! Check out these cool faux trailers for ‘WALL-Etheus’ and ‘The Lion King Rises’ — a  mesh of audio/style from the theatrical trailers for Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, and footage from WALL·E (2008) and The Lion King (1994). The Alien and … Continue reading

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And The Winners Will Be…

Yesterday, the Director’s Guild of America announced their nominees for outstanding directorial achievement in motion pictures. Up on the block this year is Woody Allen, David Fincher, Alexander Payne, Martin Scorsese, and Michel Hazavanicius. Consequently, these nominations seem a worthy foresight for … Continue reading

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A Progressive Step Backwards?

As many moviegoers may have noticed, the last two decades of cinema have surely followed the curve of technological advances as many of today’s theaters are populated with films that place a heavy reliance on CGI.  Special effects, what was … Continue reading

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[the films of]…

Just came across this little collection of video resumes for some of Hollywood’s big-time film directors. They are well-edited and offer a cool reminiscent dive back into each filmmaker’s collection. Check out a few examples below: For more, check out … Continue reading

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