The goal of this page is to serve as a helpful tool to any filmmaker looking for specific how-to tutorials. Amongst these videos are guides on various types of lighting setups, and use of specific types of lighting fixtures, as well as how to get the most out of your camera, and the fundamentals of camera placement. Most of these videos are geared towards beginners and some of the more basic principles and practices, but perhaps, there is at least something for everyone.





Lighting a Green/Blue Screen:


Post Production:


The Filmmakers:

For more information, check out the filmmakers who actually created each of these videos. They are a wealth of knowledge and should certainly be utilized as valuable resources.

Lights Film School Filmmaking (YouTube Videos)

Tom Antos (YouTube Tutorials)

Ryan E. Walters (Vimeo Page)

Philip Bloom (Vimeo Page & Extras)

Also, be sure to check out Ryan Connolly and the guys at Filmriot. Their YouTube Channel has hundreds of videos for filmmakers. They have everything from special effects, to DIY, to sound and much much more.

I will continue to compile content as I come across more. Please feel free to suggest changes or, by all means, please send me any links to things you have found helpful and I will try to include them!

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